12 X 18 Inch Economy Rectangle Fun Mirror™ Patent Pending

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12 X 18 Inch Economy Rectangle Fun Mirror™ Patent Pending

These shatter-resistant mirrors are excellent for providing a focal point for young swimmers to build confidence and awareness in the water. They have a non-phylate protective rim around, and can be used underwater or on the surface. They're also excellent for keeping around the pool for a quick touch-up! They're available in sizes of 18x12 inches (46 x 30.5 CM).

Babies will look down at themselves as they glide over the mirror if placed on the bottom of the pool. The body position improves as the tension is relieved from the neck as the child looks down.

These mirrors are recommended for use on the deck and in locker rooms as a safety precaution.

In training babies a parent can hold the child from behind and look at the child's face without causing the child to be afraid.

The Mirror Stands work with the Deluxe Rectangular Fun Mirror.   The Velcro Mirror Stand works well with this Economy Rectangle Fun Mirror.

6 month warranty against dilamination


Mirror Care Instructions

  • Mirrors are made of plastic and will scratch if stepped on, whether they are in the bottom of the pool or on the deck. This can lead to the delamination of the mirror.
  • Use as a Frisbee is not considered proper use of the mirror.
  • The mirror is somewhat flexible; however, bending it will weaken the materials and cause permanent damange. DO NOT BEND!!
  • We recommend attaching the mirrors to a floating toy (using a plastic strap or a piece of string). The mirror is then accessible when needed and can be let go when not in use.
  • AFTER USE: Dry the mirror and protect the surfaces from being in contact with sharp objects.
  • Clean the face of the mirror with a mild detergent if oil residue from pool is present.
  • If attaching an object to the back of the mirror, a pure silicone base adhesive must be used. Test a small drop of the adhesive to be sure it does not chemically interfere with the mirror.
  • Improper pool chemistry (high or low pH, alkalinity, chlorine level, etc.) can affect the performance and longevity of the mirrors.
  • Any misuse will void any and all warranty.
  • Warranty voided if mirror is scratched.

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