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Summer 2019 Lessons

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Thanks for visiting Adventure Swim! We will be doing 8 weeks of group classes at the opening of the season, then Private Lessons for the rest of the summer. Group Lessons will end June 28th this year.  You can join with friends or family to create your own Private Group of up to 4 swimmers who are on the same general swim level.  Feel free to call/email to discuss this option. 

Mr. Ed designed the Fast and Fun Swim System to teach children how to swim quickly and correctly.  Many swim schools design their program so that the family comes a few times a week for several weeks or months.  Our system is set up to learn to swim as soon as possible, then refine the skills to get better and better.

Many families will sign up for one class, then an additional week if their child is progressing well and they want to continue with us.  Others parents feel they have a good grasp on the basics that Mr. Ed teaches them on how to get their baby comfortable with water, so that they can continue to nurture that on their own, until the child is developmentally ready to learn actual swim strokes.  Many of our students will come in for a refresher lesson at the start of each season, just to get off on the right foot and to make sure they aren't picking up bad habits that will affect their overall swimming if not corrected.

A private lesson is the same price for several group lessons- $129.   Mr. Ed can teach you as much in a single private lesson as he can in several group lessons - working on only the skills that your child needs to work on.   But even in the group classes, he divides the class time into equal parts of teaching the group of parents/children (or another adult) and working with each family one on one.

We encourage parents to watch, listen, and continue to encourage the techniques that we apply because they work!  If children are allowed to were arm floats or puddle jumpers in the water after swim lessons, they will completely lose what they learn in class. These types of flotation devices teach the child to be in a vertical (drowning) position rather than a horizontal swimming position.

Just let us know if you have any difficulties getting registered.  If you have any further questions about Mr. Ed or the program, feel free to ask! 

Many parents ask us to offer more group classes throughout the summer, but please remember - One thing that sets Adventure Swim apart from other swim lessons offered in the area is the fact that Mr. Ed is a professional swim coach. He instructs ALL classes himself.  While I'm sure there are high school/college age swim instructors who are great, most lack experience all around.  They may not have experience with extreme cases or know how to deal with behavioral issues that often arise when children are asked to do something they don't think they want to do.  Mr. Ed is extremely good with the kids. He has high expectations and the children know it and strive to show him that they can do it!  They leave feeling good about themselves and what they accomplished that day! 

For Description of Classes - Click Here

 ** Class fees must be paid in full to register for class, which saves you a place in a class at a certain place and time ** 

*Swim Lessons are non-refundable. No shows are still responsible for payment because Mr. Ed is here, ready to teach. Please call at least 48 hours in advance to make changes so that we can get someone else in that time slot.      It's never too late to learn how to swim!