6 Inch Circular Fun Mirror™ Patent Pending

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6 Inch Circular Fun Mirror™ Patent Pending





These round mirrors are excellent for providing a focal point for young swimmers to build confidence and awareness in the water.  Available in 6 inch, 9 inch, 12, inch and 18 inch sizes  (45.7, 30.5, 22.9 and 15.25 cm)  Available in Blue.

  • Helps small swimmers relax while vertical and on their backSMALL BABIES CANNOT FOCUS FAR AWAY
  • Helps shade the Sun and Ceiling Lights
  • Use Underwater to help children OPEN their Eyes
  • Use Larger Mirrors under new swimmers to check Stroke and for Motivation
  • Also, Just Have Fun!!

Our Circular Fun Mirror™ Patent Pending are also excellent for keeping around the pool for a quick touch-up! 6 month warranty against dilamination.  

Remember, small infants cannot focus on objects that are far awya.  With our mirrors, they see themselves closeup.

With proper care, these mirrors will provide a long history of outstanding service. The Mirrors are made light for ease of use and they are made of non-phylate material in order to be safe for young children. Therefore; they are not indestructible and they can be damaged if proper care is not utilized. Over 10,000 Mirrors have been sold over the past ten years and are providing excellent service all over the world.
·        PROTECT FROM SCRATCHING - Mirrors are made of plastic and will scratch if stepped on, whether they are at the bottom of the pool or on the deck.  This can lead to the delamination of the mirror.  Use as a Frisbee is not considered proper use of the mirror. We recommend attaching the mirrors to a floating toy (using a plastic strap or a piece of string or our new Foam Float Stickers (PN75060BL0)).  The mirror is then accessible when needed and can be let go, to float when not in use. Or, you can use the Rubber Protection Pads (PN76002BKC) on the back of the mirrors, that will allow them to safely lay on the bottom of the pool while protecting them from getting scratched or scraped along the bottom.
·        DO NOT BEND - The mirror is somewhat flexible. However, bending it will weaken the bonding on the materials and cause permanent damage
·        KEEP COOL - AFTER USE: Towel dry the mirror and keep cool out of the sunlight. Store in a dry, vertical position. Protect from hair dryers.
·        CLEAN CAREFULLY Clean the face of the mirror with a mild window cleaner if necessary.
·        PURE SILICONE ADHESIVE - If attaching an object to the back of the mirror, a pure silicone base adhesive must be used.  Test a small drop of the adhesive to be sure it does not chemically interfere with the mirror.  We have Double-Sided adhesive pads (PN75080BK) designed specifically for use in hanging mirrors to walls in dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc...
·        POOL CHEMISTRY- Improper pool chemistry (high or low pH, alkalinity, chlorine level, etc.) can affect the performance and longevity of the mirrors.
Check our website www.AdventureSwim.com 
Warranty/Guarantee: Six months free replacement for delamination without scratching.  Scratching of any kind will void the warranty.   E-mail (allswim@yahoo.com) and include photos showing front and back of the mirror damage to obtain return information. The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) will have return information. Include sales receipt.  Packages without the RMA will be refused at the post office.

 *Bulk pricing available - Contact the office: allswim@yahoo.com

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US and International Patents Pending


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