Adult SURF&TURF Jammers

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Adult SURF&TURF Jammers

New!! Surf & Turf Jammers - Our exclusive Swim-Assist Shorts

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Think you can't float? Think again.

Our newly designed Surf&Turf Jammers are the only ones on the market.  These Swim-Assist shorts are available for Adults and Children and are made of quality 2+ mm Neoprene material.  Very comfortable!

 What wearing these Jammers will do for Swimmers:

  • Maintains body position while swimming
  • Makes floating and swimming easier
  • Helps new swimmers get used to the water
  • Provides warmth in a cold pool


Proper technique is one of the most important aspects of learning to swim. However, for some children and adults, lack of buoyancy presents a problem. A person who cannot stay afloat will have a hard time learning.  We designed our Surf&Turf Jammers to provide just the right amount of floatation and they are comfortable.  They are an attractive blue color.

This design helps assist a swimmer as they float or roll over to get breaths while swimming without encouraging dependency on the suit.

Unlike a life jacket, our Surf& Jammers are a discrete way to boost confidence for children and adults who need a little extra edge. They can also be used to help swimmers gain confidence in the open water.  They help conserve energy and keep swimmers comfortable by trapping body heat.

Use our Surf&Turf Jammers on the Playground

  • Protects legs, spine and lower back
  • Use on the slide to protect your child
  • Protect during a fall:  These shorts are thick enough to help minimize injury from a fall

And, they are FUN to wear!