Baby Development Duck Glove

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Baby Development Duck Glove

 The Duck Glove is a Developmental Baby Growth Toy designed by doctors that:

  • Enhances the vision of babies 
  • Help calm a fussy baby
  • Fast drying 
  • Washable 
  • Fun 
  • Color and shape designed for brain-eyesight development
  • Perfect for tub time play and developing fine motor skills
  • Develop hand-eye coordination reaching for ducks
  • Use in tub teaching baby to enjoy water on face with baths and in swimming
  • Provides fun social interaction between all family members and the baby
  • Promotes Positive Parenting
  • Basic water play introduces early thinking skills


On one side, the glove shows five happy ducks, and the other sports black, simple shapes, as infants can process straight lines and bright colors easily. Along with the development of the child's senses, the quick drying, absorbent, washable glove is a great tool to start introducing a baby to water on the face.  The glove is a great tool for children of all ages at the pool, bath time, the beach, and out of water activities.

 The window of opportunity for sight development is a birth. Babies cannot see color until they are about 3 months of age. They see black and white, but they can only see black and white stark lines or high contrasting colors and lines and the lines have to be moving. Babies begin seeing color at from 3 months to 6 months. Our developmental toys have high contrast colors so babies as young as 2-3 months old will react to these moving colors and symbols. This will help the baby develop its rods and cones. (The rods are the part of the eye that sees black and white, and cones see color.) If you blind fold a baby for the first 6 months of life, the baby will be blind forever due to poor exercising for the rods and cones. These developmental toys will help develop the rods and cones faster and help make them stronger. These products will help teach the baby and parents to communicate and trust each other allowing them to grow together. They will not only teach to child to learn to communicate with the parents, but they will also teach the parent to communicate with the child. A lot of parents that are not around the baby all day will lose trust and communication with the baby.

 We use these products in the water as well because in water babies do not have to fight gravity, allowing the baby to move around and better exercise their arms, legs, backs, and necks. Combining the strengthening of the babies eyesight and muscles in the body will help prevent autism.  Brain cells develop fastest in the first year of life. These exercises will increase the oxygen and nutrients going to the baby’s brain during that very important time.


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