Deluxe Dolphin Swim Cap *NEW LOW PRICE!*

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Caps keep hair out of a child's face.

Product Features

  • ATTRACTIVE--Soft 4 Way Stretch Coming in 4 colors: Blue, White, Pink, or Red
  • EASY SWIMMING--Keeps Hair Off Face
  • COMFORTABLE-- No Mark Wide Head Band
  • 5 SIZES- Babies 1-2, Children 2-3, Children/Adults 4-5




These polyester caps are designed to fit a small child as well as an adult. We offer three sizes for children and a standard adult size cap. The colors are fun with red, white or blue. Swim caps are a big part of water adaptation. Irritating hair, even just a few hairs, can distract and make water less fun.

The swim cap is our unique design-- unlike any other in the world. It has an extra-wide 1/2 inch band for a comfortable fit and is available in sizes 1(Baby) to 5 (Adult).



 Swim Cap Sizing Tips

1. Measure circumference of the head (at the forehead) with a flexible tape.

2. For a more snug fit, look for a fit close to the red line, for a looser fit, look for the blue line.  

3. Consider that the cap must be tight enough 


  *Bulk pricing available - Contact the office: 865-691-2525

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