Deluxe Dolphin Swim Cap *NEW LOW PRICE!*

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Caps keep hair out of a child's face.

Product Features

  • ATTRACTIVE--Soft 4 Way Stretch Coming in 4 colors: Blue, White, Pink, or Red
  • EASY SWIMMING--Keeps Hair Off Face
  • COMFORTABLE-- No Mark Wide Head Band
  • 5 SIZES- Babies 1-2, Children 2-3, Children/Adults 4-5




These polyester caps are designed to fit a small child as well as an adult. We offer three sizes for children and two sizes for adults. The colors are fun with red, white, pink or blue. Swim caps are a big part of water adaptation. Irritating hair, even just a few hairs, can distract and make water less fun.

The swim cap is our unique design-- unlike any other in the world. It has an extra-wide 1/2 inch band for a comfortable fit and is available in sizes 1(Baby) to 5 (Adult).



 Swim Cap Sizing Tips

1. Measure circumference of the head (at the forehead) with a flexible tape.

2. For a more snug fit, look for a fit close to the red line, for a looser fit, look for the blue line.  

3. Consider that the cap must be tight enough 


  *Bulk pricing available - Contact the office: 865-691-2525

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