Deluxe Kickboard - Professionally Designed for teaching new swimmers!

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Deluxe Kickboard - Professionally Designed for teaching new swimmers!

Kickboards Rock!

We have used our specially designed and researched Kickboard to successfully and easily teach thousands of beginning swimmers .  It is a key element in our teaching progression using the Fast and Fun Swim System. This board is made of the highest quality EVA PLUS material that will feel substantial in the swimmer's hands and give many years of service.

The Kickboard is a floatation device.  Swimmers lay their upper bodies on the Kickboard enabling them to kick their feet and propel themselves to the other side of the pool.

  • Helps swimmers develop muscular coordination.
  • Keeps the swimmer horizontal to the water
  • Density keeps chin in the water
  • Heavy-duty providing stability and security
  • Long board encourages straight arms

You won't forget how to use the Adventrue Swim Kickboard as the instructions are printed on the board!  Our Dolphin diecut is distinctive.  Comes in (3) Great Colors:

Blue, Red or Yellow

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