Deluxe Rainbucket™ Patent Pending (with FREE instruction Guide)

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Deluxe Rainbucket™ Patent Pending (with FREE instruction Guide)


The RainbucketTM Patent Pending  is designed to provides a slow, gentle stream of water.  This encourages children to hold their breath in preparation for submerging underwater. The Rainbuckets™ Patent Pending are phylate and lead free, and are made from high quality durable plastic with indentions to make them easy to hold.

Not only are the buckets ideal for babies to play with, but also they are a key aid in helping babies learning to swim. They are invaluable in preparing babies for early swimming skills and submersion. Rain showers are introduced gently and increased progressively with reassurance providing your baby with a wonderful gentle introduction to water submersions . Enjoy singing the rain song with baby during bath time making it a fun activity at home?

The bucket is designed with fill marks on the inside, so that you can fill with just the right amount for babies first rain shower. Start from the back of babies head with small amounts of water and work forwards. Eventually you can build towards a full flood. Babies simply love these rain buckets and realise they are for play time. They become a great bath time aid for not only in the bath but also if you decide to go swimming outside.

Using the RainbucketTM Patent Pending prevents choking when used as instructed by Mr. Ed.

Manual sold seperately with tips from Mr. Ed - ******FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY - FREE WITH RAINBUCKET PURCHASE !

*Bulk pricing available - Contact us!

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