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Private Lesson

PRIVATE, PERSONAL LESSONS Private lessons are for the adult or child who needs or desires privacy with the full attention of the instructor. Learning is fast and less stressful as each drill, activity and discussion is professionally designed for you (as only Mr. Ed with his 35+ years of experience and graduate school education can do). A 36 year old student recently stated after only 30 minutes, "I want you to know, you have already earned your money." The most often asked question asked after class is, "When can we schedule another lesson?" Often a private class or two will prepare a child or adult to comfortably join a group class.

Perhaps, you may be like many others who do not want strangers to watch them learning to swim. Our private lessons are really private-- no one in the pool area except whom you desire. No distractions from other swimmers or divers. Just you and the instructor and whomever you chose to invite to watch. Many prominent adults in the public eye, understandably, do not want to show themselves in an unflattering situation, yet still wish to learn to swim. We are professionally discrete. No one will know except the persons you tell.  

The fee includes private use of the entire pool--there will be no onlookers or distractions. The fees are comparable to any professional with Mr. Ed's education and experience. There is a discount for blocks of 5 lessons. 

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