Swim Barbell by Adventure Swim

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Swim Barbell by Adventure Swim


The Adventure Swim Barbell : is a fun float that gives maximum horizontal stability with a Soft Foam Padded Bar that is comforting and easy to grip.

Our Barbell is Scientifically Designed for body position to keep the body and chin close to the water.  This also provides the correct amount of lift. This assists the child by adjusting the body to the water by placing the bar under the arm pits. The Swim Bar helps the child gain independence in the water and will be an instrument of fun for many hours.

Our fun Barbell:

  • Provides Stability in the water for children 9 months to 4 years old
  • Helps the child gain Independence
  • Helps them maintain a horizontal Position
  • Teaches the child that he must do something (swim) to get what he wants
  • Children love jumping in the pool and swimming to the Barbell.  They are also FUN for races!  

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