The Island Float - 6 Big Playboards, Tie Straps, Support Stabilizer

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The Island Float - 6 Big Playboards, Tie Straps, Support Stabilizer

This Large Island Float is great for class. Children walk down it and dive into Mommy or Daddy! See it in action on our video at   and


The Big board is 44.5in X 29in X .75 inches.  Once assembled the Island is approximately 89in X 29in X 2in.

Easy to disassemble.

The Island Special includes:

  • 6 Big Playboards (2 of each color)
  • Plastic Tie Strips - holds the boards securely together so they don't slip apart or move around
  • Plastic Stablizer Board stabilizes the board so the little ones can walk on it.

We use the boards in the Tot classes as a "Ramp" for children to walk down and dive into the water to Mommy!  We use them in the Baby class as an "Island" to hang out on and rest for a minute, so that we are all together and ready to jump back in the water after a short break!  The older children lie across it and kick in unison from one end of the pool to the other as they continue to gain strength in kicking while having a lot of fun with their classmates.  "Let's take a trip across the pool everybody!"

Description of the Big Boards:

This special board is constructed of EVA Foam; a very high quality foam that will last for years. The versatility of this board is amazing. Its uses are awesome:

  • One Beginning swimmer: Child lies across middle of board. Board keeps child horizontal. Face can stay out of water-the child feels secure. Child can develop strength and endurance in kicking as well as proper foot positioning in a natural way. As the child gets used to water on the face, he or she can blow bubbles while kicking, which is two-thirds of learning to swim. The child will be safe by herself or himself in the water.  (*All children must be supervised at all times in the water - However, this board to stable enough so that an adult does not have to have a hand on the child to keep them on it)

  • Two or three children: Children lay across the boards (double thickness) kicking as above. Children enjoy the togetherness with other children. After establishing confidence and comfort in the water you can slide one Play board out ("Going single"). Children are now in a few inches of water, feeling the lift of the water, blowing bubbles, kicking, staying horizontal and on their way to swimming. They love when we put 3 on each board and have races between teams (i.e. Team Red, Blue and Yellow corresponding to the board colors!)

  • Competitive swimmers and Intermediate swimmers: They can lie on the board longitudinally (one child per board) and kick many lengths and have fun. Their body is in good body position and the board promotes proper foot position. They have the choice of exhaling underwater while kicking if they desire. Swimmers can kick synchronized (holding on to each other's board), have races and perform many other fun swimming activities.

If you stack two boards, they will hold three children ages 3-5. Children must lie on the front of the board and keep their arms straight. They cannot rise up on their knees (this will cause the board to become unsteady). There is usually enough water on top of the board for the children to blow bubbles. When the children get used to the two board configuration, we take one board away and the child floats horizontally, arms extended, while kicking their feet.

This keeps the child in the correct body position and helps them develop skills that encompass 75%-80% of learning to swim. A good instructor can control two boards with a total of six students. This is great for time on task and getting a good workout in class. The children have fun while getting great training. The possibilities are limited only by the creative mind of you and your staff.

These high-quality, professionally designed boards are a valuable investment for your swim school. You will get many years of use out of them. Every instructor should have at least two boards.

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